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April 13 – 15, 2014

Prof. Sonntag providing Seminar at Etihad Rail

Visit of Prof. Herbert Sonntag to Abu-Dhabi.

Prof. Sonntag is a full professor in transport logistics from TUAS Wildau, Germany. He is an expert in multimodal transport systems with more than 25 years' of industrial and research experience in the fields of transport and software development for international and public/private companies. He has led several research projects for national and European authorities in projects dealing with inter-modal transport issues.

Prof. Sonntag was invited by Etihad Rail to participate in the open seminar organized by Etihad Rail and to give the lectures on 2 topics:

- Warehousing and Inventory by Logistic Service Providers

- Sustainable Green Logistics

This seminar was visited by Etihad Rail employees, executives of Road and Transport Authority, Urban Planning Council, German embassy representatives responsible for transport and industry relations. It gave a brilliant opportunity to show the expertise of the German professors in the field of logistics taking into consideration the mutual work and efforts of Etihad Rail, Higher Colleges of Technology and Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany, on the development of the program “Master of Engineering in Railway Management”.


April 12-19, 2014

Lectures of Prof. Andreas Stern in Abu-Dhabi Men’s College.

Prof. Stern is a full professor for Information Technology and Quality Management at the Jade UAS Elsfleth. Having long academic career he provides the courses in Information Technology, Telematics, Quality Management and Mathematics.

He visited ADMC in frames of the German UAE logistics program. This program includes the German academic input through participation of the visiting faculty from Germany performed on regular basis. It gives the ADMC students the unique opportunity to understand the German academic approach and regulations and to bring the German competence and expertise in the field of logistics into the educational process.

Working in close collaboration with his partner teacher at ADMC Dr. Christos Papakon, Prof. Andreas Stern provided the courses in Telematics and Enterprise Information Technology for the students of the program.


October 30, 2013

Abu-Dhabi Men's College welcomes HE Dr. Johannes Beerman, State Minister of Saxony, Germany

Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC) was honoured to host an official visit today by HE Dr Johannes Beermann, German State Minister, and an accompanying delegation.
Dr Beermann and the delegation were received by Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology, and officials from the college.

Dr Beermann was given a tour of the college facilities that included the modern, hi-tech equipped halls and the iPad Education journey, as well as a brief description about the different programmes at the college including the German–UAE College of Logistics, Abu Dhabi (GUCL) programme which offers students a dual Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics Engineering, from HCT and a Bachelor of Engineering in Logistics offered by TH Wildau, Germany.
The GUCL programme is actively supported by Leipzig Halle Airport – Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding (Central German Airport Holding) which operates airports in Leipzig, Dresden (based in the Federal State of Saxony) and in Erfurt. Mr Markus Kopp, Chief Executive  & Chairman of the Board of the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding, has visited ADMC twice to support the GUCL programme.

HE Dr Beermann also visited the college’s e-library at the Educational Resource Centre and met a group of students.  He was also briefed about the services provided by the College library.

As part of the visit, Dr Kamali presented Dr Beermann with a framed picture of an article that was published in a German newspaper about the GUCL students’ trip to JADE Hochschule in Elsfleth and to TH Wildau.

May 17-25, 2013

GUCL students visiting Germany

Twelve freshman students visited Germany
In the week from May 17 to 25 the GUCL-program reached a new milestone when twelve young students of the program visited the partner universities in Germany, optional locations for their prospective stay in Germany, and also completed classes at German partner institutes that are part of their curriculum.
The visit was an excellent opportunity for the students from Abu-Dhabi to make their very per-sonal impressions of Germany, familiarize with the people, the culture and lifestyle. The group landed in Berlin and first visited the TUAS Wildau. They were welcomed by President Prof. Dr. Laszlo Ungvary, who underlined the importance of reassuring personal experiences in the suc-cess of the program. The students then took a guided tour of the campus and had their very first German language class, which they very much enjoyed. A sightseeing tour of Berlin was also on the program. The students spent the second segment of their visit at Jade TUAS in Elsfleth , where Dean Prof. Dr. Klaus Windeck welcomed the group. For the students Christian Jauernig and Prof. Dr. Andreas Stern, both faculty members of the GUCL-program, devised and administered a balanced blend of rigorous academic training and varied recreation (also mingling events with local students) that the students very much appreciated.
The students’ visit to Wildau and Elsfleth contributed to the reinforcement of the academic co-operation between the German partner universities and HCT in Abud-Dhabi and the success of the GUCL-program on a very personal level.


April 17th, 2013

Prof. Laszlo Ungvari welcomes guests of the forum

9th Engineering Excellence Forum
The 9th Engineering Excellence Forum under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, former Minister of Culture, Youth, and Community Development took place at the Abu Dhabi Men’s College on April 17th 2013. Under the topic "Logistics in the UAE - From Transport Management to Total Integrated Logistics", the Forum has brought an exclusive group of speakers together. Mr. Richard Gibb, director of Abu Dhabi Men’s College, NNN of the German Embassy and Professor László Ungvári, president of the University of Applied Science in Wildau gave the opening remarks and emphasize the importance of todays logistics education and international academic exchange. Professor Ungvari therefore appreciated the progress and success of the German-UAE College of Logistics (GUCL), a bi-national educational program with regards especially to logistics. He also announced that the students of bachelor of logistics engineering, which is the first degree program at GUCL, will visit Germany in May 2013 to visit the partnering Universities in Wildau, Bremen and Jade/Elsfleth.

April 12-17, 2013

Christian Jauernig’s block teaching session in April
The GUCL-program reaches a new milestone as one of GUCL’s German partner university, Jade University of Applied Sciences’ lecturer, Christian Jauernig begins his block teaching session at ADMC on April 12-19. Professor Jauernig will be instructing in transport management, maritime studies, logistics and sea transportation.
Christian Jauernig’s teaching block marks the first instance in a series of visits from professors and lecturers from German partner universities to ADMC and the GUCL-program

March 5-6, 2013

Open Day at ADMC
Around 600 high-school students from public and private schools visited the annual Open Day of Abu-Dhabi Men’s College on March 5-6, 2013, where they could have firsthand experience about the educational programs and academic life of the college, including the GUCL-program.
ADMC faculty, students and staff members presented the various degree programs at ADMC, students were familiarized with the admission process and requirements. Visitors were also offered a campus tour, visiting ADMC’s world-class facilities, the classrooms, labs, the library, TV-studios and the cafeteria. They also received an introduction to the student life and the multiple opportunities for pursuing personal academic interests at the college.
The event was organized with the aim to connect with ADMC’s target audiences and help high-school make an informed and conscious decision about their future.

February 1-2, 2013

GUCL project team meets in TH Wildau

GUCL-Workshop in Wildau – a reinforcing meeting

TUAS Wildau and affiliated institute IBA-Berlin invited all participating partners of the GUCL-project to a workshop on February 1-2, 2013 in Wildau, Germany to visit the open issues of the program.

The ranking representatives of HCT, TUAS Wildau, UAS Jade, AUS Bremen and IBA Knowledge Networks addressed all academic and administrative questions that will bolster academic excellence, raise awareness and increase student and future employer satisfaction with the international bachelor degree program. Both, HCT’s Vice Chancellor Kamali and TUAS Wildau’s President Ungvari emphasized their personal and institutional commitment to the joint program and expressed their confidence that GUCL will be the principal logistics bachelor program with German standards in the region in the nearest future.

At the workshop participants were straightforward in assessing the current situation, and agreed that ongoing dedication and closer cooperation among the partners will establish GUCL in the UAE as a lasting, attractive and rewarding academic program that meets the requirements of students and the demands of the international labor market.

Participants at the GUCL-Workshop:

Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu-Dhabi, UAE: Dr. Tajeb Kamali, Dr. Hamad Odhabi, Dr. Cherven Singh, Dr. Anf Hanna Ziadat
TH Wildau: Prof. Laszlo Ungvari,  Prof. Marcus-Ulrich Abramowski
HS Jade: Prof. Andreas Stern, Prof. Christian Jauernig
HS Bremen: Prof. Thomas Pawlik, Prof. Willi Wittig
IBA Knowledge Networks: Dr. Ingo-Eric M. Schmidt-Braul, Dr. Tamas Bazsa, Vadim Malishev
Studenten des MBA Programms am Wildau Institute of Technology (WIT): Matthias Hoffman, Thomas Gaertner

October 2, 2012

Students of the first cohort of the UAE Bachelor’s program of Logistics from Abu Dhabi Men’s College having received the student’s cards of the German Partner University handed over by the President of University of Applied Sciences, Wildau, Professor Dr. Ungvári.

Furthermore from right to left:
Vadim Malyshev, Project Executive Coordinator; Dr. Martin Renilson, Dean of Maritime Studies, ADMC; Dr. Hamad Odhabi, Associate Academic Director of ADMC; Professor Dr. László Ungvári, President of University of Applied Sciences, Wildau; Dr. Richard Gibb, Director of ADMC; I.E.M. Schmidt-Braul, Executive Project Director.

September 9, 2012

The double-bachelor degree course in logistics started as a program under the umbrella of HCT with 12 students at Abu Dhabi Men's College (ADMC).

August 28, 2012

Signing of the sponsorship agreement between the CEO of the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding Leipzig, Markus Kopp, and the president of the Technical University of Applied Science Wildau, Prof. Dr. László Ungvári.

28. May 2012

Project workshop at Abu Dhabi Men's College attended by the president, Prof. Dr. Ungvári, and other lecturers of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) at Wildau.

17. April 2012

8th Engineering Excellence Forum at Abu Dhabi Men's College. Speech of the chair of logistics at the UAS Wildau, Prof. Dr. Abramowski.

13. - 14. November 2011

"Festival of Thinkers" conference at Abu Dhabi Men's College. Panel discussion and workshop with representatives of professors of the German consortium.

11. - 12. September 2011

Official launch of the GUCL at ADMC and Industry Symposium Logistics Competence in the Gulf Region.

28. June 2011

Farewell event organized by HCT for the German Ambassador Mr Klaus-Peter Brandes, who provided great support for the establishing of GUCL; in the photo H.E. Sheikh Nayahan Mabarak Al Nahayan shaking hands with Mr Brandes.

8. – 10. June 2011

Visit of Dr Hamad Odhabi, Associate Director Academic of Abu Dhabi Men's College, to get acquainted with the Consortium of German UAS participating and contributing to the Degree study program of the GUCL. During his visit core issues concerning the curriculum of the Double Bachelor Degree course were negotiated.

20. April 2011

Presentation of GUCL to HCT students and the general public during the Open Days at HCT.

16. April 2011

Presentation of GUCL to potential students and general public at GETEX (The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition), Dubai.

9. March 2011

Signing of the Validation Agreement by Dr Tayeb A. Kamali, Vice Chancellor of Higher Colleges of Technology, and Professor Dr László Ungvári, President of Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, in the presence of the Minister for Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg, Professor Dr Sabine Kunst, in Potsdam/ Germany.

22. November 2010

The ceremony of signing the Cooperation Agreement between Higher Colleges of Technology and the Consortium of German UAS was conducted by Dr Tayeb A. Kamali, Vice Chancellor of HCT, and Professor Dr László Ungvári, President of UAS Wildau in the presence of the UAE Minister of Education and Research and Chancellor of Higher Colleges of Technology, H.E. Sheikh Nayahan Mabarak Al Nahayan, the Prime Minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, and the German Ambassador Mr Klaus-Peter Brandes.

22. September 2010

The first workshop and program presentation at Higher Colleges of Technology by the German Consortium team to HCT faculty, logistics industry representatives and states officials. Opening speech by Dr. Tayeb A. Kamali.

24. May 2010

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between Professor Dr. László Ungvári and H.E. Sheikh Nayahan Mabarak Al Nahayan was conducted in the presence of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel, and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

2008 - 2010

On his official visit to Germany Prime Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates and Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel discussed the opportunities for a broader cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education.

In February 2010 Ambassador of Germany Klaus-Peter Brandes presented the project at Abu Dhabi Men’s College (AMDC) of Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Abu Dhabi. In organizational and educational qualities HCT measures up to the standards of German Universities of Applied Sciences.